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If you have a Jeep JK Wrangler 2-door or 4-door and need a place to mount a Cell Phone, GPS unit, GoPro camera, Spot device etc. please take a look at what we have to offer below.

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JK Dual Mount Assembly kit  (2011-2015)

JK Dual Mount Assembly Cradles/Accessories (2011-2015)

JK Cell Phone Mount  (2007-2010)

JK Dual Mount Assembly
2011-2015 only

JK Dual Mount Assembly (JKDMA) Kit.

Garmin GPS 60csx handheld device w/quick release attachment.

Garmin GPS unit removed leaving part of quick release attachment w/medium arm.

Garmin GPS 60csx handheld device w/quick release attachment and GoPro camera.

Garmin GPS 60csx handheld device w/quick release attachment and small flip phone w/small universal cell phone cradle.

Garmin GPS 60csx handheld device w/quick release attachment and iPhone 4 w/thin cover, and small universal cell phone cradle.

Garmin GPS 60csx handheld device w/quick release attachment and Spot 1 device.

GoPro camera mount w/ short arm.

More Photos to come...

JK Dual Mount Assembly
2011-2015 only

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JK Dual Mount Assembly Cradles/Accessories
2011-2015 only

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JK Dual Mount Assembly (JKDMA)

Install Instructions:
2011-2015 only

Part 1: JKDMA
  1. Start by removing the rubber liner from the cubby hole located at the top center of the dash next to the front windshield by pulling up and out. It can be stubborn.

  2. Next remove the center screw that was under the rubber liner.

  3. Now drop in the JKDMA, replace the screw, tighten and you're done.

    Note: If the factory screw does not have a washer then use the small SS flat washer that came in the kit.

Part 2: Device Mounting
  1. Assemble the cradle for your device by attaching the diamond shaped ball stud (Ram-B-238U) to the back of the cradle. The hardware should have been included with the cradle.

    Note: Some cradles will come with a ball stud as an intragual part of the cradle. If so, then the above step #1 does not apply.

  2. Insert your device into the cradle.

  3. Now take the assembled cradle w/device and either the small arm (Ram-B-201U-A) or medium length arm (Ram-B-201U) and mount both to the JKDMA. Adjust as necessary and tighten arm.

    Note: For best results, keep the mounted device as low as possible. This is achieved by using an arm that will keep the mounted device closest to dash. The higher the device is mounted the more unwanted movement will result.

Part 3:   Device Removal
  1. If you want to remove a device from the cradle only, while still mounted to the JKDMA, use caution. Some cradles will grip the device very tight and you will need to support the Assembly during removal; use two hands.

  2. Another option is to loosen the arm and remove both the arm and cradle with device attached, leaving just the JKDMA.

  3. On some cradles you can add a quick release attachment (not included) that will allow you to remove the cradle and device as a single unit, thus leaving the arm in its locked position. The advantage to this is that you can return the device/cradle back onto the arm in the exact same position as before because the arm was never disturbed and there is no need to readjust anything.

Tools needed for install:
JK Cell Phone Mount
2007-2010 only

Cell Phone Mount Kit.

Mounting bracket for Cell Phone Cradle.

Mounting bracket for Cell Phone Cradle.

Cell Phone Cradle, front.

Cell Phone Cradle, back.

More Photos to come...

JK Cell Phone Mount
2007-2010 only

JK Cell Phone Mount

Install Instructions:
2007-2010 only

  1. Remove the lower panel below the steering column.

  2. Lay the panel flat facing up.

  3. Put a piece of masking tape on the upper right corner.   Example

  4. Using a square or similar measuring device, measure exactly 1-inch down from the top and make a mark.   Example

  5. Now measure exactly 3 and 1/16 down from the 1-inch mark you just made and put a mark there.

  6. Take the square and scribe a line through each of the two marks that were just made in steps 4 and 5.   Example

  7. Now take the square and adjust it to exactly 9/16-inch and from the outside edge of the trim panel scribe a line through each of the two lines made from step 6.   Example

  8. Next, use a sharp pointed instrument like a scribe and make an indentation in the center where the lines cross. These will serve as a guide for the drill bit.

  9. It is strongly recommended to drill a small pilot hole (1/8th or smaller) first before drilling the 17/64-inch hole required for the bracket. Even though it's just plastic you're drilling through, without a pilot hole you run the risk of the bit pulling to one side or the other.

  10. Remove any raised plastic from the drilled holes so that bracket and washers will lay flat against the panel.

  11. Now just install the bracket with the two flat washers and two nyloc nuts.   Example

  12. Re-install the panel and your done.

Tools needed for install:

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  • Warranty 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with any of our products, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

  • You must first contact us by either phone (702-565-6942) or e-mail. You must also provide a copy of your original sales receipt.
JK Dual Mount Assembly

Sorry, temporarily out of stock.

  • Unfortunately we have run out of the JK Dual Mount Assembly kits (JKDMA) due to the overwhelming high volume of sales these last couple of months.

  • Getting new ones made up is top priority and is in the works. Estimated time for shipment again is in the vicinity of about two weeks as of 2/11/2015.

  • If you would like to be placed on a waiting list then please send an e-mail along with a phone number (optional) to reach you at and we will contact you as soon as the new parts arrive. That way you will be the first to know that everything is back in stock and ready to ship again.

  • We are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause and are doing everything we can to expedite the process.

John Copitas
Outback Engineering
JK Dual Mount Assembly kit
2011-2015 only

  • A New Updated version of the JKDMA is coming soon. It is still the same dimensions as the original but with the added features of three more device mounting positions besides the two as before. One of them will be the option to have a centrally mounted device were as it wasn't possible with the previous mounting plate.

  • Switching between the new mounting options will now be very easily done; no need to remove the baseplate.

  • More details and update on when they will be available coming soon.

Last update: 2/19/2015